Laura Watler

Life and Leadership Coach



I am the Founder and Head Coach of ACT Coaching in the Cayman Islands.  I created ACT Coaching in service of what I got myself from coaching, Accountability, Clarity and Transformation. Utilizing these three pillars in my life I have experienced greater love and acceptance in life. I work with clients that range from Company Executives and Entrepreneurs to the recently Retired looking to transition their lives into their passions.

My passion as a coach is mainly in relationships, partnering with clients in a unique way to explore the barriers that they have to creating the relationships they want in their lives. That could be romantic, work or even with money and time. Taking a look at the committee (“Itty Bitty Pity Committee”) that resides inside and lowering the volume of that narrative and creating greater access to their passion and thus relationships to self and others. This is where the transformation begins.



For the past eight years, I have been supporting people to create transitions their professional lie, romantic life, with their time and even their money. Creating profound shifts in their lives that are permanent for them.

I received my Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation from the International Coach Federation (ICF) in March 2016. I also continue to expand my knowledge and training as a  Coach with Accomplishment Coaching as a Leader in Training with them. I have worked alongside many Leaders in the coaching industry in the cities of Washington D.C. (2014 - 2018), San Diego (2016 - 2019) and New York (2012 - Present). 

Before coaching I was an IT Consultant serving the industry and certified by Microsoft and Crystal Reports in various database and reporting fields. I worked closely with firms to redesign their database structures to better serve their efficiency in their services and their productivity. 

Originally from the Cayman Islands I am no stranger to travel and adventure flying and experiencing the world at a young age. I am also a huge fan of music, the arts and being in the water in any capacity whenever I can. Newly married I live in the Cayman Islands where I share my home with my husband and two rescue dogs, Shadow and Roxy. My husband and I actively enjoy living island life and create a balance in work and play.



Client Reviews

Laura embodies love, joy and passion. Being with her always puts my mind at ease. She has a natural ability to radiate life and enthusiasm into any situation. Working with her will give you the peace of mind and confidence to take on any challenge in life. Her physical, mental and spiritual power combine to create the ideal coach. She will change your life forever.
— Anita Y.
Laura has been instrumental in coaching me through a major career transition. Beyond that, she has helped me better understand and relate to my own character traits, essence and purpose in life. She is warm, professional and extremely effective in teaching you new techniques to better manage your time, stress levels and attitude towards things like family, friends and money, whilst empowering you to do so independently. I now continue with her coaching, not because I need to but purely because I want to. Laura’s coaching will elevate you to a whole new way of thinking. You won’t regret it!
— Sophie P
I was amazed by Laura’s wisdom and maturity as a life coach because I am old enough to be her dad, well, quite a young dad. Laura coached me on the power of my “inner essence” and the need to shift out of my damaging and habitual “survival mechanisms.” Strangely, my self-esteem is higher now than it has been for years and I feel Laura deserves significant credit for that. Thanks again Laura. You were awesome!
— Peter S