How I can serve you:


As my process is “inside-out,” I’m more interested in distinguishing how each person's individual strengths can be brought to bear upon his or her choices.

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Personal 1:1 Coaching

Monthly rate — One on one coaching provides the client with monthly sessions at a minimum of 6 month contract, in which they partner with the coach to move their life forward in the areas they identify. 

Couples Coaching

Monthly rate — This can be setup on a couple to couple basis. Options are all sessions are with both persons or can be combined with one on one coaching with a number of couple sessions in the month or monthly.

Group/Team Coaching

Monthly rate —  This can be setup to be ran minimum 2 sessions a month and up to 4 sessions a month. Hourly sessions or longer. Rate will be tailored based on client needs.

8 Hour Workshop

Variable hourly rate — This provides participants with powerful tools to apply towards the projects in their lives. These workshops can be tailored for specific audiences and thus the variable rate will reflect the tailoring. 

4 Hour Workshop

Variable hourly rate — which would be an abbreviated version of the full-day workshop described above and the variable rate will reflect the tailoring. 

Lunch And Learns

$150 - $250 hourly rate — The rate includes disbursements and all materials used. Depending on length and topics to be covered rate will vary in the range stated. Also includes complimentary sessions for each attendant.

Talks and knowledge Sessions

$125/hour — This can cover a range of topics. Usually are longer than the above lunch and learns. Typical are 60-90 minutes in length. Covering topics with groups, brainstorming and facilitative conversations.

Essence Conversations

$175 Flat Fee - This is a 90 minute session in which you will experience the power and value of coaching and what it can bring to your life. 

Workshop topics

o The Importance of Personal Responsibility
o Team Dysfunctions/Disruppting the Culture
o The Voice of Leadership
o Being & the Authentic Self
o Creating Your Career from Being and Power