Laura Watler

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Partner Coaching

minimum eight session commitment

As with One on One coaching, coaching is about unlocking your individual and unique potential to maximise performance and enable positive change in this partner setting it is design to know the individuals and how the partnership can benefit from it. Coaching uses validated change models and techniques unique to you to help assess your needs, understand motivations, develop competencies and skills, remove blocks and achieve an enhanced performance. Thus we take this and create the conversation unique to you and your partner. This can be business or personal partnerships.

Coaching Partners:

  • Support in clear goals for both and working toward them

  • Focus on relationship dynamics and alignment

  • Open conversations that open up issues and supports them to be resolved and movement forward

  • On-going support and individual sessions included

  • Focus the partnership to provide quicker results

  • Provide the tools, support and structure to accomplish more

Guiding principles of coaching:

  • Coaching is a catalyst and enables individuals, teams and organisations to reach their potential

  • Coaching is focussed on the person being coached rather than the task to be accomplished

  • Coaching is a transformational process