Perfect Boyfriend List?


Scrolling through the inter webs the other day and I came across the above picture. Now there were two voices in my head, as most of the time there is, and both had very interesting conversations happening. 

The first, well that seems a bit of a tall order! I mean there isn't such a thing as a perfect human? Right? So why should there be the expectation of a perfect boyfriend? It's way too specific and way too high with expectations. You are going to set yourself up; you are going to be heartbroken, so let's just settle for what we get right? Let's just 'see what's out there'. Way better plan than being specific in what you want, cause you won't ever get it. Yuck, glad that is out of my head!

Now for the second, which if you haven't guessed by now is where the gold is. Yes it is specific, yes it is high expectations and yes you are going to set yourself up. And for good reason! You my dear are worth it. To say what you want, be specific and to have expectations. This whole media thing of 'don't be too much' and 'the right one will come along' is like waiting for a bus that has four flat tires, it will get you nowhere fast. To have the life that we want, the partner that we want we must know what we want. Otherwise we end up settling for what we get and thus being unhappy. Want to know why you put on so much weight in your last relationship that didn't work out? Probably because you weren't happy internally so your body went into comfort mode. Stress turns into things for us internally. So if you are settling it is likely to be triggering something in your health. And I am not an expert; I am just going off my own personal experiences. Disclaimer done, yay!

Ok back to what we were talking about. By being specific about who you want in your life you are actually setting yourself up to WIN. You do deserve all of those things on that list. Especially someone who tells you that you are beautiful and who accepts you. To us women those are the things that matter and rightly so! We should never be ashamed to ask for what we truly want. The universe will probably explode with joy for us cause we finally did! It can now send us what we want. Ever been to your favourite restaurant that has your favourite dish, you order the dish and the waiter comes back and gives you the fish instead. Not what you ordered, what do you do? Tell the waiter? Settle for what he gave you? Or walk out? Just like that dish, you have a choice. There is no right way or wrong way. However if you want the relationship of your dream, that your heart sings with joy and you get what you want. You will have to ask for it and be willing to not settle until you get it.

Ready to get what you want?