What if?


Do you ever find yourself in that daydream state? Where the question keeps repeating itself? What if he never calls back, what if I should have texted, what if I had stuck to the diet, what if I took that job offer... And this goes on and on, day after day. The up and down rollercoaster of the distraction of what if.

Seriously it is where dreams and passions go to die. And there is never an answer that is good enough for us there, just a tangled web of words that cause us more pain. Stop! Its a trap! And you are worth so much more than that pain.

Why is the what if so tempting? Well because out IBSC (itty bitty shitty committee) uses it to side track and derail us from what we really want. From what we are truly capable of. We are so much more than we currently know and our IBSC's are scared of that. They are scared that if we put ourselves out there that we will get hurt. That is what stopped me from building this website, publishing this blog and showing up for that date the first time he asked. And I would assert that it has stopped you a few times to. That is where our IBSC's get its power from, the what if's.

So what do you do when the What If shows up? Glad you asked!

1. Notice it, this is the first step. When we notice it we begin to have the awareness around it. Which then gives it less power.

2. Get clear on what it is distracting you from. What is it trying to interrupt for you? What could you be doing right now?

3. Take action. Any action other than inside the what if. Call a friend, someone who won't entertain the what if. Dance break, shifting our body state is a great way to snap out of the IBSC mode.

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